Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pink & green baby shower

Pink & Green Baby Girl Shower

My best friend and cousin Sara is expecting a girl Carlee Brooke in a month. My mom, the mother-to-be's 2 best friends Rene and Brittani and myself planned a beautiful Pink & Green baby girl shower at the UF women's center. We celebrated her shower with 50 family and friends in the afternoon with yummy homemade food, games and great company!

The theme colors we used were hot pink and lime green. All 5 tables were decorated with a hot pink runners. The centerpieces, I bought these adorable baby carriages from TJ Maxx (which were the perfect size!), placed a tupperware box inside and made flower arrangements. Plastic clear square dinner plates were decorated with pink paisley scrapbook paper and placed at each guest setting accompanied by plastic silverware wrapped in lime green napkins. To the right of each guest setting was a wine glass rimmed in pink sugar and slice of lime. Above the placesetting each guest received a take out box filled with yummy chocolates and candies and also a baby quote (each guests was different). The table was sprinkled with pink crystals for a little bling flare.

On the baby shower invitations each guest was asked to bring a childhood favorite book for Carlee's new library and received these sticker inserts to fill out and put in the front portion of each book.

Rene and I made these pink and white hand painted letters that spell Carlee. A personalized touch that the guests centered in on when they walked into the room. This was also a gift for Carlee to put up in her baby room.

Some of the games that we played was first the classic "Guess how big her belly is". We bought pink party ribbon (roll for each table) and each guest guessed how big Sara's belly was and wrote their name on the ribbon.

Second game was "My water broke!" we bought little plastic baby girls which we froze into ice cubes. When the shower began and everyone sat down at their seat, each guest was given an ice cube baby to have put in their wine glass. The object of the game is keep an eye out on their glass for when the baby comes afloat they need to scream out that "My water broke!"

Third game we bought a kit online with different ultrasound pictures where each guest were given a numbered picture (total of 10) and they had to guess the body parts on the picture. Also a very fun game that had lots of crazy answers!

We made a nice arrangement of food.... Artichoke dip and crackers, Balsamic noodle and arugula salad, Quiches, Chicken sandwiches & salmon and cheese points. For dessert I made chocolate and raspberry cupcakes with raspberry icing.

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