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It means so much when one takes the time to send a quick email, thank you card, and/or write a testimonial when one is pleased with the service or product ordered. Today, spend a few moments browsing the webstores’ testimonials that you support.

Testimonials help businesses improve their service as well as their products. Testimonials also help new, browsing customers decide that based on prior customers’ experiences, they can count on an excellent online shopping experience.

So, start a new habit and share your thoughts!

How to Facebook your wedding!

You’re young, getting married and want the world to know. You’re incredibly busy. And you really love Facebook.

Sound familiar?

It should. There are lots of brides-to-be in your position. At first it sounds like a hoot: picking out that first song, tasting cakes, choosing a venue. But add in endless seating arrangements, organizing who wants chicken and who wants fish, and the stress of hoping everyone remembers to RSVP? And the fact that you are still working a full-time job and going out for Friday night cosmos with the girls? Makes you wish you could just do just about everything on Facebook, doesn’t it?

Now you can!

Facebook is great. All the news you want to share zipping out into the internet so everyone is up-to-date with what’s going on. And now this very same dissemination of information is possible for your wedding.

Imagine asking your guests what songs they want to hear on the dance floor or talking to your bridal party all at once.

I’ll give you a second to pick yourself up off the floor…

It’s a Nice Day for a Facebook Wedding

Chances are you have a personal Facebook account already – one you check anywhere between once and 47 times a day. You’ve already updated your Relationship Status to “Engaged,” and it is certainly feasible to use your personal profile to help manage your wedding plans. But with a Facebook Page dedicated entirely to your wedding, you won’t have to perform a major profile overhaul to keep all the wedding info in line. Anyone who “Likes” your wedding will be updated via their News Feed whenever you make changes and add new content. Plus, you can make a Facebook Page really, really cool.

Click here to learn more!

Good luck and Happy Planning!

Bridal Registry - Must Read Tips!

Here are some important tips for completing your Bridal Registry:

Be sure that your registry is listed under both your name and your soon-to-be husband’s name. You will both have family, friends and acquaintances who will not know the other’s last name.

If you do not work from home, put the shipping address as your parents’ home or a close friend who does work from home so your packages don’t sit on the front porch.

There are a couple bulk registry websites that allow you to list items from multiple stores, this really comes in handy when you’re expecting gifts from around the country as not all locations have the same stores.

You are able to add any item from any store into one list. They also offer a iPhone barcode app that lets you scan items into your list when you’re out and about.

You are able to add any item from any store into one list.

You are able to add any item from any store into one list.

Another Tip: Make sure to remember to put your registry information on your Wedding Website!

Have any other great wedding registry tips, please comment below

Ladybug Inspired Baby Shower

Have you heard the buzz? A little lady is on the way!

Miss Baby Brunk!

Welcome to a ladybug inspired pink and green couples baby shower hosted by my aunt Joy and cousin Jordann. They did a fabulous job for the new parents to be Rachel and Isaac Brunk :)

I have to get the recipe from aunt Joy (still to come) - she made these delish cookies topped with icing and fresh fruit. The longer they sat the yummier they got :)

Marinated cheese bites topped with sundried tomatoes and speared with fresh rosemary. Handmade edible ladybugs were made from cherry tomatoes, olives, chives and black gel icing. How cute!

Can you guess who brought the cupcakes?! Aunt Heidi did :) I made an orange infused vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Topped with cute lady bug stickers, sticked onto a toothpick.

Jordann did a great job building the diaper cake!

Brunch time

We ate a yummy assortment of marinated cheese, ham sandwiches, shrimp pasta salad, fresh fruit, chicken salad sandwiches, egg casseroles, cheesy grits and sausage and biscuits! Our family knows how to cook :)

Onto all the wonderful gifts the little lady got for her 2010 clothing line and baby room :)

The little lady (with the help from Grandma and Auntie Jordann) made take-home favors for each guest filled with a yummy danish. Too cute!

Onto the Games!

This one is for the gentlemen!

1. untie your shoes

2. blow up your balloon as big as you can!

3. When we say go... stuff your balloon under your shirt

4. tie your shoes as fast... I mean as fast as you can!

5. First to tie their shoes is the winner!

The winner is: Father to Be - Isaac Brunk

It's not that easy now, is it!?

Keepsake photo to show the little lady when she gets older :)

Next game:

This is a timed game. We have a mommy, daddy and baby that needs its diaper changed.

Each parents gives up 1 hand, so this is a process of working together in the fastest time to get the babies diaper changed and clothed. We had 3 different couple battle with the fastest time. Winner was Myself and hubby (with no experience at all, lol)!

My family

Father in law Darryl - Isaac - husband Darren - Myself - Mother to Be Rachel - Mother in Law Kelly

Congratulations Isaac and Rachel! Can't wait to meet the little Lady :)

aka Grace, Lily, Ellen, Jenny, Aubrey, Anne, Bethany, Elle, Carlee or Beyonce (LOL)

Inside joke since the babies name is a secret!

Marine Wedding - Fuschia and Navy

My husband and I went to a beautiful wedding in Camp Blanding, Fl for Acea and Christine Brown on May 29th 2010.
Mr. & Mrs. Brown
The couple exchanged their "I do's" in an adorable white chapel and had a reception following right on the lake with beautiful warm weather.

The Marines bride hand made each bridesmaids bouquet in pinks and fuschias accenting them with blue crystals to bring out the wedding colors.

Christine's bridesmaids choose their own style of dress and coordinated the colors of alternating the navy and fuschia. Chic silver heels to beautiful updos complimented each bridesmaid. The beautiful bride... well you can say nothing more than she was just stunning!

I love Christine's wild side of choosing leopard print garters!

Photos were taken by Anna Weaver Photography

A candy buffet was set up for each guest to make their take home favor or to snack on some yummy sweets at the wedding. An assortment of hard candies to lollipops.

Sign says - "Step right up to the candy buffet - Its a sweet addition to a wonderful day - this is a treat we are offering you on this beautiful day. When we day "I do" use the scoop. Choose what you like - Leave some for others - Be Polite - as you enjoy your bag of treats - Please remember - LOVE IS SWEET -"

If you are doing to much dancing and your feet are sore from your heels... kick them off and go over here.

Compliments of the bride and groom

As a surprise to his new wife and guests - Acea and groomsmen stripped down to boxers and ties running down the dock and jumping into the lake. What a surprise!

Now I didn't think that the bride was going to jump in too.... but she did! So did the flower girl, bridesmaids and many more family members.

The Brown wedding was definently a wedding I won't forget and an inspiration of new ideas to be brought to other brides and myself.
Congrats Acea and Christine! Love you both and wish you many years of Happiness!
The Browns have started their newlywed lives together living in New Bern, NC stationed by the base USMC.

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