Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to Facebook your wedding!

You’re young, getting married and want the world to know. You’re incredibly busy. And you really love Facebook.

Sound familiar?

It should. There are lots of brides-to-be in your position. At first it sounds like a hoot: picking out that first song, tasting cakes, choosing a venue. But add in endless seating arrangements, organizing who wants chicken and who wants fish, and the stress of hoping everyone remembers to RSVP? And the fact that you are still working a full-time job and going out for Friday night cosmos with the girls? Makes you wish you could just do just about everything on Facebook, doesn’t it?

Now you can!

Facebook is great. All the news you want to share zipping out into the internet so everyone is up-to-date with what’s going on. And now this very same dissemination of information is possible for your wedding.

Imagine asking your guests what songs they want to hear on the dance floor or talking to your bridal party all at once.

I’ll give you a second to pick yourself up off the floor…

It’s a Nice Day for a Facebook Wedding

Chances are you have a personal Facebook account already – one you check anywhere between once and 47 times a day. You’ve already updated your Relationship Status to “Engaged,” and it is certainly feasible to use your personal profile to help manage your wedding plans. But with a Facebook Page dedicated entirely to your wedding, you won’t have to perform a major profile overhaul to keep all the wedding info in line. Anyone who “Likes” your wedding will be updated via their News Feed whenever you make changes and add new content. Plus, you can make a Facebook Page really, really cool.

Click here to learn more!

Good luck and Happy Planning!

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