Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pink & Brown Bridal Shower

A good friend of the family Mandy Bremer (aka Miss Dumpling, on Wedding Bee) is getting married March 20th 2009 in Las Vegas. Back in January my mom and I helped plan her Bridal Shower in Tuscaloosa AL. It was the perfect weekend for a shower. For months before the shower her sister and I were emailing back and forth assigning certain tasks and things to haul all the way from Gainesville FL to Tuscalossa. Down to the nitty gritty details, my mom and I made it to AL with a car loaded down with square plates, silverware, wine glasses, decor, favors, linens and much much more. Everything turned out so beautifully, Miss Dumpling loved her shower!

* The Tables *

Each table had handmade table runners (pink and brown) in Damask and Polk-a-dot print. Square mirror attopped with glass rectangle vases wrapped in ribbon, filled with pink carnations and (alternate tables) hydrangeas. Each table setting had white large square plates, wine glasses rimmed with pink sugar, brown ribbon tied pink napkins and the take out box favors.

* Favors *

Each guest received handmade favors. I bought white chinese take out boxes that I filled with Bath and Body Works minature lotions and white curly filling. I cut to length brown and pink ribbon that I glued from top front to top back. Placed printed tags " Mandy's Bridal Shower" and date in the center front. For the final touch tied a small bow on the top. Everyone loved them and can you believe cost me only $1.50 for each favor!

* Food *

My mom and I took care of all the food. We had about 25 guests all together and the shower was around 3 in the afternoon, so we wanted to take it easy and make simple good elegant food.

Pink Lemonade

3 cartons - Minute Maid Pink Lemonade concentrate

2 Liters - Sprite

Artichoke Parmesan Crostinis

1 package - garlic toasted rounds

2 jars - marinated artichokes

1 container - freshly grated parmesan cheese

Chicken Heart you Sandwiches

4 packages - Premade (Publix) Chicken Salad

2 Loafs - Wheat Bread

1 heart shaped cookie cutter

Arugula Pasta Salad

Marinated Shrimp

Pink Fruit Salad


Everyone thought the food was just absolutely delish! And I did too. I was very proud of it all. Most of all I enjoyed making and seeing the cupcakes finished. Don't they look great?!

* Shower Games *

We played only a couple shower games. Mandy wasn't too fond being the center of attention so we tried to keep each game short. First game we played was a question and answer game to see how well she knew her fiance'. Surprisingly she didn't do well but he had answers that were old and not up to date, so I guess she didn't do so bad. lol.

The next game we played was the dress the bride in toilet paper. Here the guests joined in and made a wedding dress out of Charmin. As you can see Mandy's dress turned out really good, next future Madonna labeled Charmin dress.

* Gifts *

Knowing me I wanted to make a little gift basket for the bride to be. I got most of the items from Victorias Secret. Like body glitter, sleep mask, (to be funny) "Smack That" underwear, sexy white laced thong, pink travel luggage tag (for her new name on the honeymoon), fuzzy pink nail filer. Mandy actually didn't want anyone to give her gifts. She actually had everyone donate money to the Brides Against Breast Cancer. Mandy wore a pink breast cancer pin during the shower. A very cute idea to take over gifts.

The shower was a complete success and Mandy loved it! It was a complete honor to do the shower for Mandy and be around her family. I love them all dearly!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Top 10 Baby Shower Gift ideas

Need to find the perfect shower gift that is most certain to be a "shower wower"?

  1. Take a look at this awesome website How Fast They Grow - this is a site for new mommies to make their own 12x12 Scrapbooks for their little ones. Purchase a uniquely styled gift card from any amount of $25-$200 or a Gift set made in pink or blue (gift card included) for only $50.

  2. Does the mommy-to-be own a Pandora bracelet? Buy the Pandora baby carriage to add to her bracelet for only $25.

  3. Have you ever heard of Mommy Cards? Mommies work too, you know? Get these new mommies a business like card to hand out to fellow mommies for playdates and contact information about them and their little one. Starting at $35 buy a gift certificate worth 35 stylish cards.

  4. Mix, match and personalize your favorite little uni tee or one-piece starting at $30 at Little Uni.

  5. Personalize story time with original alphabet books that feature the childs name on the cover, starting at $29.95. Or buy a personalized print to hang in the babies bedroom for $9.95 made by Sweet Arts Design. (CMP for 10% off)

  6. A baby needs their first spoon, take a look at these super sweet gift idea. Stainless steel personalized spoons starting at $20 made by Lisa Leonards Designs. (babyshower for 15% off).

  7. These little ones grow fast. Purchase this charming, cute and stylish Growth Chart for the mommy to be to put in the babies room. Starting at only $16, choose the color of choice for a cute and cheap gift at Rag and Bone.

  8. A fabulous new fix for fussy babies and “I want my pre-baby jeans back” mommies. Lullaby Exercises offers a new kind of workout for moms who want to take better care of themselves and their babes. This 35-minute DVD features a high-energy “groove” set and then slows is down as the “sleep” set sends the little one into slumberland. This dvd set is only $14.95.

  9. A unique keepsake for mom and baby is this Personalized baby Block for $30. A handmade, hardwood block custom-made with baby's name, birthdate, and initial on three sides. The fourth side has a pull-toy graphic.

  10. Be creative and make a Storybook basket. I made a basket (laundry wicker basket) for my friend where I bought about 20 different items, like baby bubble bath, creams, bibs, clothes, sugar daddy (candies) and more. From the items I made a storybook about the mommy to be and her baby. As she reads the story and comes to the numbered item, she finds it in the basket and opens it, filling in the blank of the story. Once she's done everyone will applaude and think how creative and cute this gift was, plus the mommy and baby have lots of gifts! You can go as cheap or expensive on this idea. For help email me.

Do you have a recommendation that would be the perfect Shower gift? Leave a comment and let me know :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh baby BOY

One of my best friends Brittani was having a baby Boy in April 08. My friend Sheena and I hosted a shower for her. Here's the cute details :)

I bought Large wooden letters and painted them blue and white to put up for decor. After the shower I gave them to Brittani for Cade's room. A cute and memorable touch.

The Cake was designed as baby building blocks and spelled "BABY" (when looking at it from the front) I had a talented friend make the cake for the shower

We played 3 different games at the shower -

1st one: We had 2 Cabbage Patch dolls diapered and dressed in dresses, made 2 teams of 3 (make sure to include the Mother to be and grandmas). At the same time each team started by having one hand behind there back and had to undress the baby completey, next one up had to dress the baby and last one undressed the baby. First team to finish all got a prize!

2nd game: We bought 8 different jars of baby food, removed the labels and numbered each jar. Each guest received a piece of paper and pen and had to guess by the color and smell of the baby food what was in the jar. Whoever got all 8 correct won a prize. Believe me this game was not easy!

3rd game: Get the Mother to be, and Grandmas together. Put them in a circle and hand them each a real baby bottle filled with apple juice. Fill the bottle about a 1/4 full and each person must feed the one to their left. Whoever finishes the bottle first gets a prize. This is a good laugh!
The shower was a huge success, I think we had about 35 people at this shower. We had Mimosas for each guest in wine glasses decorated with ribbon and plenty of healthy snacks for the guests and Mother to be.

Wedding Planning Templates

Brides if you want to save some money on hiring a wedding planner and/or for buying a wedding planning book.... Create your own using these fabulous templates available on the Russel+Hazel site
This will help make your life easier. They are free to download and are all in a nice PDF format so that you can easily print them from home.
Here is a list available for PDF Download

  1. Wedding Timeline / Checklist 1

  2. Wedding Timeline / Checklist 2

  3. Wedding Timeline / Checklist 3

  4. Wedding Timeline / Checklist 4

  5. Wedding Timeline / Checklist 5

  6. Beauty Worksheet Hair

  7. Beauty Worksheet Makeup
  8. Bridal Party Contact List

  9. Bridal Salon Appointments

  10. Bridesmaid Fashion Worksheet

  11. Bridesmaid Fashion Worksheet for the Bride

  12. Budget Worksheet 1

  13. Budget Worksheet 2

  14. Budget Worksheet 3

  15. Budget Worksheet 4

  16. Budget Worksheet 5

  17. Ceremony Worksheet

  18. Day-of Wedding Checklist

  19. Destination Wedding Event Schedule

  20. Destination Wedding Travel Worksheet

  21. Emergency Kits

  22. Floor Plan - Rectangular Tables

  23. Floor Plan - Round Tables

  24. Floor Plan - Square Tables

  25. Flower Worksheet

  26. Groom & Groomsmen Fashion Worksheet

  27. Groom & Groomsmen Fashion Worksheet for Bride

  28. Guest List Tracker

  29. Honeymoon Travel Details

  30. Menu Worksheet

  31. Music Play/Do not play List

  32. Music Worksheet

  33. Photo Shot List

  34. Registry Information

  35. Registry Worksheet 1

  36. Registry Worksheet 2

  37. Rentals Worksheet 1

  38. Rentals Worksheet 2

  39. Rentals Worksheet 3

  40. Transportation Worksheet

  41. Travel & Accommodations Worksheet

  42. Contact List - Cake

  43. Contact List - Caterer

  44. Contact List - Ceremony Location

  45. Contact List - Florist

  46. Contact List - Musicians/DJ

  47. Contact List - Officiant

  48. Contact List - Photographer

  49. Contact List - Reception Location

  50. Contact List - Stationer

  51. Contact List - Videographer

  52. Contact List - Wedding Planner

  53. Wedding Cake Worksheet

  54. Wedding Day Timeline

  55. Wedding Gown & Accessories Order Worksheet

  56. Wedding Invitation Worksheet

  57. Wedding Stationery Order Worksheet
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