Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh baby BOY

One of my best friends Brittani was having a baby Boy in April 08. My friend Sheena and I hosted a shower for her. Here's the cute details :)

I bought Large wooden letters and painted them blue and white to put up for decor. After the shower I gave them to Brittani for Cade's room. A cute and memorable touch.

The Cake was designed as baby building blocks and spelled "BABY" (when looking at it from the front) I had a talented friend make the cake for the shower

We played 3 different games at the shower -

1st one: We had 2 Cabbage Patch dolls diapered and dressed in dresses, made 2 teams of 3 (make sure to include the Mother to be and grandmas). At the same time each team started by having one hand behind there back and had to undress the baby completey, next one up had to dress the baby and last one undressed the baby. First team to finish all got a prize!

2nd game: We bought 8 different jars of baby food, removed the labels and numbered each jar. Each guest received a piece of paper and pen and had to guess by the color and smell of the baby food what was in the jar. Whoever got all 8 correct won a prize. Believe me this game was not easy!

3rd game: Get the Mother to be, and Grandmas together. Put them in a circle and hand them each a real baby bottle filled with apple juice. Fill the bottle about a 1/4 full and each person must feed the one to their left. Whoever finishes the bottle first gets a prize. This is a good laugh!
The shower was a huge success, I think we had about 35 people at this shower. We had Mimosas for each guest in wine glasses decorated with ribbon and plenty of healthy snacks for the guests and Mother to be.

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