Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pink & Brown Bridal Shower

A good friend of the family Mandy Bremer (aka Miss Dumpling, on Wedding Bee) is getting married March 20th 2009 in Las Vegas. Back in January my mom and I helped plan her Bridal Shower in Tuscaloosa AL. It was the perfect weekend for a shower. For months before the shower her sister and I were emailing back and forth assigning certain tasks and things to haul all the way from Gainesville FL to Tuscalossa. Down to the nitty gritty details, my mom and I made it to AL with a car loaded down with square plates, silverware, wine glasses, decor, favors, linens and much much more. Everything turned out so beautifully, Miss Dumpling loved her shower!

* The Tables *

Each table had handmade table runners (pink and brown) in Damask and Polk-a-dot print. Square mirror attopped with glass rectangle vases wrapped in ribbon, filled with pink carnations and (alternate tables) hydrangeas. Each table setting had white large square plates, wine glasses rimmed with pink sugar, brown ribbon tied pink napkins and the take out box favors.

* Favors *

Each guest received handmade favors. I bought white chinese take out boxes that I filled with Bath and Body Works minature lotions and white curly filling. I cut to length brown and pink ribbon that I glued from top front to top back. Placed printed tags " Mandy's Bridal Shower" and date in the center front. For the final touch tied a small bow on the top. Everyone loved them and can you believe cost me only $1.50 for each favor!

* Food *

My mom and I took care of all the food. We had about 25 guests all together and the shower was around 3 in the afternoon, so we wanted to take it easy and make simple good elegant food.

Pink Lemonade

3 cartons - Minute Maid Pink Lemonade concentrate

2 Liters - Sprite

Artichoke Parmesan Crostinis

1 package - garlic toasted rounds

2 jars - marinated artichokes

1 container - freshly grated parmesan cheese

Chicken Heart you Sandwiches

4 packages - Premade (Publix) Chicken Salad

2 Loafs - Wheat Bread

1 heart shaped cookie cutter

Arugula Pasta Salad

Marinated Shrimp

Pink Fruit Salad


Everyone thought the food was just absolutely delish! And I did too. I was very proud of it all. Most of all I enjoyed making and seeing the cupcakes finished. Don't they look great?!

* Shower Games *

We played only a couple shower games. Mandy wasn't too fond being the center of attention so we tried to keep each game short. First game we played was a question and answer game to see how well she knew her fiance'. Surprisingly she didn't do well but he had answers that were old and not up to date, so I guess she didn't do so bad. lol.

The next game we played was the dress the bride in toilet paper. Here the guests joined in and made a wedding dress out of Charmin. As you can see Mandy's dress turned out really good, next future Madonna labeled Charmin dress.

* Gifts *

Knowing me I wanted to make a little gift basket for the bride to be. I got most of the items from Victorias Secret. Like body glitter, sleep mask, (to be funny) "Smack That" underwear, sexy white laced thong, pink travel luggage tag (for her new name on the honeymoon), fuzzy pink nail filer. Mandy actually didn't want anyone to give her gifts. She actually had everyone donate money to the Brides Against Breast Cancer. Mandy wore a pink breast cancer pin during the shower. A very cute idea to take over gifts.

The shower was a complete success and Mandy loved it! It was a complete honor to do the shower for Mandy and be around her family. I love them all dearly!


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  2. I have been trying to get some inspiration for my sisters bridal shower I am getting ideas through blogs and I have been having a lot of good luck with it! Those artichoke parmesan crostinis sound delicious! The only things I have purchased for this event are the bridal shower invitations that I sent out last month! I chose neutral themed ones because I didn't know where to go with the shower yet. I really like the dress the bride in toilet paper game as well! By any chance do you have a Pinterest account at all? I like your food and ideas and I love saving them on Pinterest.

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