Friday, May 15, 2009

Design-Her Gal Obsession!

I was reading through other blogs and came upon Design-Her Gals , I registered to their site and created my own gal that is just ME with my dog Blackie! What do you think?

This adorable web site allows you to personalize stationery, tote bags, stickers and more with a cute image of your illustrated self! You pick everything, from hair color to skin tone and clothes to accessories, plus a lot more options to choose from. Your "gal" can hold magazines (ahem!), pocketbooks, musical instruments, pets and basically everything and anything else you could ever imagine. I have spent way too much time designing all different versions of me (as you can see). It's addicting!

They make the perfect gift for a bridal & baby showers, Birthdays, any holidays or a special occassion!

When you sign up, they send you special discounts and promos to your email monthly.

Also..... You can send e-cards (like this one of me) which is cute for Birthdays and much more!

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