Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book Shower Templates

Book Shower Templates

I love the idea of a children's book-themed shower where guests are asked to bring a favorite childhood book of theirs as their gift. (or you can theme your Bridal shower to your preference and still ask each guest to bring a book). Sure, you may not end up with the bottle warmer you actually need, but you're certain to receive gifts that hold a certain amount of sentimental signficance from your guests.
A downside of the book shower? The person who will receive most pleasure from the books isn't yet born and will probably have a difficult time recalling who gave which book and why when thinking back on his or her in utero memories.
I found these Gifted Bookplates to go along with the books you'll receive as gifts. The bookplate serves both as a space to note who gave the book as well as a place for the gift-giver to leave a special message for the baby.
These bookplates can be printed on adhesive-backed or regular paper (try using colored paper) that you adhere with a glue-stick or double-stick tape.
If you're planning a book shower, you can choose to send off a bookplate or two as part of the invitation. Let the guest know that you'd love them to bring a favorite childhood book and for them to write out their message for the baby on the bookplate. Or, in the tradition of most showers, make the message-writing an activity during the event itself.
Not throwing or having a baby shower anytime soon? You can use these bookplates on any book you plan to give -- even ones directly from you to your little one.

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