Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bachelorette Party Themes & Ideas

Fun & Naughty Bachelorette Ideas

The Bachelorette Pleasure Party - Invite a pleasure party professional to your home and she’ll do the rest…a night of naughty toys and drinks and the bride will have plenty of ideas for the wedding night!

The Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt - With this popular game you can send your bachelorettes all over town on a chase for the scavenger hunt list of goodies! For the best scavenger hunt make sure it has lot’s of personal things about the bride or fit’s with the theme of your bachelorette party!

The Bachelorette Limo - A favorite of the bachelorette party is to have a Limo and driver to get them safely to their favorite Bars, restaurants and events. This is a great way to ensure that Bachelorettes aren’t driving while under the influence of alcohol. Make certain you bring lot’s of Limo games and a CD of favorite bachelorette party songs for the drive!

Pole Dancing Lesson Bachelorette Party - Arrange for a pole dancing lesson for your bride and bachelorettes! Be sure to bring a prize for the “best Moves” and “most likely to get a BIG tip”. This is a lesson the bride may find useful on her honeymoon!

Striptease Bachelorette Party - Invite the Bride-to-be over for an old fashion striptease! When your “police officer” or “fireman” arrives, make sure the bride has plenty of one dollar bills for her lap dance!

Spa Day Bachelorette Party - What is more relaxing than a Mani/Pedi with your friends! Plan to play the brides favorite music, serve her favorite drinks, and enjoy some quality girl-time!

Bachelorette Beach Party - Share a day under the warm sun with the Bride and Bachelorettes. Bring food and enjoy games and drinks on the beach. After the sun sets on your lazy day, get loose downtown, beach style.

Massage Bachelorette Party - Start off with a massage class (complete with a HOT guy massage instructor) and end with a massage for each Bachelorette and the Bride. After your massage head to the local coffee house for some live music.

Last Minute Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Back Yard BBQ - Build a fire in the fire pit, poor some wine or cold beer and invite the bachelorettes over for a fun time in the backyard. Add a few party games and this idea is a real winner!

Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party - Pick your theme (such as California Red Wines or Pinot Grigiot) from the Brides favorites and ask every Bachelorette to bring a bottle from this group. Grab some cheeses, bread and chocolate and you have yourself a party! To take it up another notch invite a local Sommelier to give the party a more educational flare!

Bachelorette Poker Night - Want something a little lower key than Vegas?…have a Poker night at home! Grab some poker chips, a couple of decks of cards and some great food and you have yourself a great party!

Bachelorette Fondue Party - Last minute parties can be great too! Call your local fondue restaurant and book their best table (The Melting Pot is a GREAT choice). After a night of gooey cheeses and decadent chocolates head to the local dance club to burn those extra calories!

Bachelorette Sushi Party - The girls will have fun trying to make their own sushi! Buy sushi grade fish from your local fish market, get the filling ingredients and pick up sushi rice (already prepared) from your local sushi restaurant and have everyone learn how to make homemade Sushi!

Casino Bachelorette Party - Grab the girls, jump in the car and head to the nearest casino. Enjoy the live entertainment, dancing, cheap drinks and a little gambling. Save the all-you-can-eat buffet for AFTER the wedding!

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