Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to moi

Welcome to my page
* Chic Impressions *

So I have searched the web and read 1,000's of different blogs in the past years to finally decide on starting my very own. I tried to come up with a cute & catchy title that explains what I do. Chic Impression, a chic and fun style when first seen as a good impression? (hope that makes sense, lol) I've lived in Gainesville so far all of my 24 years... Im married with no kids (just yet). I work in an automotive family ran facility Continental Imports but have a passion for party planning and anything to do with Weddings! I spend most of my time surfing the web looking at weddings and party planning ideas. I literally wait patiently to hear from a friend or family member about a party they want to plan either for a baby/bridal shower or some sort of party or wedding.

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