Sunday, March 21, 2010

Green and Black Wedding

Darren and I at Yana and Michael's wedding

Tonight my hubby and I went to our friend Yana and Michael's wedding at the Bauhman center on Lake Alice (FL) and the Sweetwater branch Inn for the reception. Yana coordinated her colors in granny smith apple green and black.

I loved our favors! We got a granny smith apple with a heart wine stopper that said "Thank You" on it. Very cute!
When guests walked into the reception room each guest had to find their name a table # and bring it to their table. The table centerpieces were a glass vase with sparkled twigs and green beads on the bottom of the vase (illuminated in green).

Cheers to one of my best friends Heather Sarkis :) Yana's bridesmaid in green and black.

The wedding was simple and perfect for a weekend ender on a Sunday evening.

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